What's New This Week in Mobile Gaming

July 5, 2022  •  2 min read

Apex Legends Season 2 Is Live!

Apex Legends Mobile’s inaugural season has come to a close and a new array of content has entered the Apex Games. Loba is the premiere Legend to join the roster in Season 2: Cold Snap. She can be a formidable opponent capable of teleporting instantly to any location within throwing distance of her jump drive bracelet, detecting Epic and Legendary loot through walls, and giving access to a portable shop that loots the surrounding area for your team. The season introduces a new limited-time mode called Armed and Dangerous, which limits the choice of weaponry to only shotguns and snipers.

The World’s Edge map is now host to The Climatizer, a mechanism of supreme chill. Its effects will leave areas of the map covered with a heaping of snow and loot boxes containing diamonds for use in the seasonal shop. Check out the all-new Battle Pass to grab some sweet limited-time loot!

New Discoveries Await You in The Wild Update

The Wild Update has arrived! This new update to Minecraft brings a slew of new content to explore and enjoy. It features the addition of two new biomes – the deep dark and mangrove swamps. Both biomes contain their new inhabitants, including four new mobs, the Warden, the allay, frogs, and tadpoles. There are many new blocks, like the sculk, mangrove, wood, and mud.

Give a block or item to an Allay, and it will return with more of the same type. The Warden is a bit more menacing as it emerges from the ground once summoned by sculk shriekers and will seek you out using only its sense of smell and vibration. Update your game now to access the new content and begin your exploration of the wild unknown!

Explore Season 6 of Brawlhalla

The new Season of Brawlhalla is here! The ancient Fangwild forest continues its chaotic reign, luckily, Fangwilds Ember and Elder Wild Ragnir stand against the spread. The new Battle Pass features 85 tiers of rewards unlockable through completing daily, weekly, and general missions throughout the 12-week season.

We’ll see animated map backgrounds make their way to the game for the first time. The two new maps included with the season are big and small variants of Fabled City, and a few gameplay adjustments will deploy with the 3.08 Patch. The wall slip state is now harder to maintain and forces players to return to the stage with more urgency. Thrown weapons will despawn faster and their effectiveness reduced to balance their advantage over opponents.