What's New This Week in Mobile Gaming

August 9, 2022  •  2 min read

Call of Duty: Mobile x Ghost in the Shell

The new season of Call of Duty: Mobile features a full-scale collaboration with the Netflix series Ghost in the Shell: SAC_20455. The show's influence spans across new unlockable skins and entirely new playable areas in Battle Royale and Multiplayer. New seasonal content includes the Claw Operator Skill at Tier 14, the foldable Switchblade X9 SMG at Tier 21, and the Arcane Slayer Calling Card at Tier 50.

Battle Royale features a new futuristic cyber city located near Nuketown. Instead of collecting dog tags to revive teammates, players will need to grab their ghosts from where they met their demise. New PvE enemies will introduce new opportunities for combat and unique rewards. AI robots and mechanical dogs will roam the map and offer parts that can be exchanged for Cyberware enhancements at the Redeem Facility once defeated.

Diablo Immortal Season 3

A new season of Diablo Immortal means another Battle Pass and 40 ranks to unlock new loot. As with the previous season, you can choose from two premium versions of the Battle Pass to increase the number of rewards you can earn over the duration of the month-long season. Those brave enough can participate in Wrathbone Invasions, a new collaborative daily event that will pit you against hordes of enemies to unlock high-tier loot. The Hungering Moon event from last season will return from August 12, 3:00 AM–August 15, 3:00 AM server time. Complete the event challenges to earn Moonslivers, helping you to unlock random rewards.

In addition to the content launch, Blizzard also announced a few general improvements for Diablo Immortal. Firstly, Warbands have been updated to increase the visibility of the online status and in-game activity of members through the Warband menu. Thankfully, the developers have also added a new “Vote to Kick” option to assist in clearing out those pesky AFK party or group members.

Major Oceanhorn 2 Update

One of the most immersive titles from Apple Arcade just received a significant content and features update. Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is an open-world RPG adventure with a wonderfully rich world ripe for exploration and exciting storytelling. The game is noticeably inspired by entries in the Zelda franchise, with vast open plains to explore and ruthless fantastical creatures to conquer.

Now, players can access two new side quests: The Shadow of Genco Corporation and The Sailor’s Widow. The content expansion is a welcome addition for those who have gone to great lengths to traverse the entirety of Gaia. Not only will returning fans be greeted with new narrative content, but they’ll also encounter a variety of improvements to gameplay mechanics and overall quality. Most notably, controls are more responsive, the character movement is faster and more agile, and the radar system is improved to better differentiate main and side quests.