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Play any game that supports controllers
Remap buttons and create game-specific mappings
1-year warranty + 24/7 customer support
Get better over time with free firmware updates
Stay up to date with the latest gaming news
Access free games, trials, and in-game perks
NEWExclusive discounts on Backbone products and accessories
Unified game hub and launcher
Personalized game recommendations
NEWIn-app voice and text chat with friends
Find new squadmates with public game lobbies
Use your Backbone One on PC, Mac, and iPads
Capture, edit and share 1080p video at 60fps with cloud storage
Share in-game highlights and stream with friends
Live-stream directly to Twitch or Youtube
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Private direct messages

Chat directly with friends without leaving the Backbone App.

Private group chats

Keep up with the rest of your squad with group messaging.

Public chat rooms

Meet other Backbone+ Members and group up with text chat in Rooms.

Exclusive Perks & In-Game Items

Backbone+ subscribers receive free trials, exclusive perks, and in-game loot with new additions all the time.

1 monthsか月間、100種類以上のXboxの高品質のゲームが遊べる。本体は不要。
*Xbox Game Pass Ultimate新規サブスク購入者のみ。支払方法必須。いつでもキャンセル可。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください:xbox.com/gamepass
exclusive perk
カスタム絵文字、より長文のメッセージ、サーバーに特化したプロフィールに3 monthsカ月アクセスできます。
*Discord Nitroサブスクリプション新規登録者限定。お支払い方法が必要です。いつでもキャンセルできます。詳細はこちら:discord.com/terms
exclusive perk
2 monthsか月間、4K画質とプレミアム品質のオーディオを備えた50種類以上のゲームが遊べる。
*Google Stadia Pro新規ユーザーのみ。支払方法必須。いつでもキャンセル可。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください:stadia.google.com/tos
exclusive perk
1 monthsか月間、厳選されたデベロッパーの200種類以上のモバイルゲームが広告なしで遊べる。
*Apple Arcadeの新規ユーザー限定。支払いフォームが必要です。いつでもキャンセル可能。詳細についてはapple.com/legal/internet-services/itunesをご覧ください。
exclusive perk
1 month access to over 800 games for you and up to 5 family members.
*New Google Play Pass subscribers only. Form of payment required, cancel anytime. For details, see terms here.
exclusive perk
Level-up your loot with a redeemable Premium Adventurer’s Pack.
*New Backbone+ subscribers only. Form of payment required, cancel anytime. For full details, please see playbackbone.com/terms.
in-game item
Special discounts

Backbone+ Members receive exclusive discounts on Backbone products and accessories.

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Do I need an app or subscription to play?

Not at all! Backbone+ Membership enhances your free Backbone app, and you don't need either to game with your Backbone One controller! Let's break it down:

Backbone App - a free app with features like controller firmware updates and information on new games and ways to play with your Backbone One controller. We recommend you download this free app in order to keep your Backbone One controller firmware updated.

Backbone+ Membership - a premium subscription inside the Backbone app to unlock exclusive perks, personalized game recommendations, streaming directly to twitch, and more. A Backbone+ subscription is NOT required to play games with your Backbone One controller.

NOTE: The Backbone One controller can still be used to play all of your favorite games and services without downloading the Backbone app or having a Backbone+ Membership.

Is there a free trial of Backbone+ Membership to try before I subscribe?

Yes! All purchases of a Backbone One controller come with a free trial of Backbone+ Membership. After the free trial period, your Backbone+ Membership will renew at the current price for your country. You can find the current list of prices here.

How can I pause or cancel my Backbone+ Membership?

You can cancel your Backbone+ Membership at any time by managing the subscription in your iTunes Subscription list. There is no option to “pause” a Backbone+ Membership.

Will I lose my Backbone+ data if I cancel my Membership?

No. If you cancel your Membership and do not delete your account, all your data and account information will remain securely saved under our privacy policy. If you choose to resubscribe, your data and account information will immediately be accessible again.

When does my free trial start and end?

The free trial period starts as soon as you finish setting up your account in the Backbone app. If you choose to cancel before your trial runs out, you will keep access to the rest of your free trial period!

Can I pay for multiple months of my Backbone+ Membership up front?

That option is not currently available.

Do I have to pay for a gift recipient’s Backbone+ Membership?

No. During the gifting process, your payment credentials are not used for enrollment in a Backbone+ Membership. Following their free trial's expiration, the gift recipient will automatically be charged the App Store listed subscription price for Backbone+ Membership.

Can I pay for a friend or family member’s Backbone+ Membership fee?

That option is not currently available.

What payment options are accepted for Backbone+ Membership?

Currently, the only way to sign up for Backbone+ membership is with an App Store subscription. Learn more about managing payment methods on your Apple ID here.

When is my billing cycle?

Trial memberships start on the date you first redeem your Backbone+ Membership trial in the Backbone App. After the free trial ends, you will automatically be charged the App Store listed price for Backbone+ Membership.

What is “Lifetime Membership”?

Lifetime Membership is a one-time promotional offer for founding Backbone One owners who purchased before November 4, 2021. The promotional period for Lifetime Membership has now passed. If you have a Lifetime Membership, your Backbone+ Membership remains free as long as you keep the same active Backbone account.