Backbone One for iPhone PlayStation® Edition

iPhone | 119.99
EUR 119.99
受到 PS DualSense™ 無線控制器的外觀及感受的啟發, Backbone One 提供使用者觸覺感受以強化他們在 iPhone® 上的遊戲體驗. 與 PS Remote Play 應用程式配對, 你可以在任何地方* 輕鬆地玩 PlayStation® 的遊戲. 把你的 iPhone® 插上 Backbone 開始玩吧.
購買 Backbone One 即可免費享受超過 350 項主機遊戲和福利
Discord Nitro
Discord Nitro
3 months 存取自訂表情符號、較長的訊息以及伺服器特定的個人檔案。
免費USD 29.97
*僅限新的 Discord Nitro 訂閱者。付款方式為必填;可隨時取消。如需完整詳細資料,請參閱 discord.com/terms
Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade
1 個月期間可遊玩超過 200 款來自精選開發商的無廣告手機遊戲。
免費USD 4.99
*僅限 Apple Arcade 新使用者。需要提供支付方式;隨時可取消。完整詳情請參閱apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes
3.5mm 耳機孔
Backbone One
高度: 3.70 inches (93.9 mm)
寬度(收起時): 6.94 inches (176.2 mm)
寬度(展開時): 10.14 inches (257.6 mm)
厚度: 1.28 inches (32.6 mm)
重量: 4.87 ounces (138.0 g)
按壓啟動 Backbone 應用程式。
Lightning 連接埠
Lightning 連接埠搭配標準 Lightning 連接線可為您的手機充電。
3.5mm 耳機孔,有無麥克風的耳機皆適用。
Backbone One 沒有電池。Backbone One 只會耗用手機的最少電力,即可長時間維持遊戲工作階段。
iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max 的轉接器
(28,697 項評論)
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標準版及PlayStation Edition有什麼差異?

除了黑色差異之外, 標準版附贈1個月的 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 免費試用及搭載 ABXY 介面的按鈕. PlayStation 版本搭載相同於 PS5 的白色及 PlayStation 圖形對應按鈕. PlayStation 版本不包含 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 試用版.

Is my iPhone supported?

All iPhones running iOS 15 or newer versions are supported. Due to the larger camera bump, a complimentary adapter is included with every purchase of a Backbone One for a snugger fit with iPhone 14 series, 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max models. A full list of compatible devices can be found here.

Will this work with my phone case?

In most cases, no. The Backbone One is a form-fitting controller for your iPhone and to be a precision input device, it has to firmly hold on to your iPhone. As a result, you will need to remove other iPhone attachments (especially the protective cases that change the dimensions of your phone significantly).

We designed the Backbone One to avoid compromising on gameplay at all costs. We’re so confident in the improved experience of playing mobile games that Backbone One delivers, that we think players will be happy to remove their cases to enjoy Backbone’s benefits.

Do I need to own an Xbox, Playstation, or PC to use the Backbone One?

Nope! A console or computer is only required to take advantage of remote play apps offered by Xbox, Playstation, and Steam.

Backbone One unlocks a world of possibilities for all types of gameplay experiences. Between the Apple App Store, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud streaming, and Nvidia GeForce Now there are thousands of high quality games available to play.

Check out the Platforms page to learn more.

Can I use the Backbone One as a controller for my iPad, Mac, or PC?

Yes, you can use the Play On Any Screen feature from within the Backbone app to use your Backbone One with any supported iPad, Mac, or PC. No need to carry around another controller!

Is the Backbone app required to use the Backbone One?

The Backbone app is not required for use of the Backbone One as a controller. However, the Backbone app offers a rich, community-driven experience that we’re sure you’ll love!

More information on the Backbone app’s features can be found here.

Backbone 應用程式的價格為何?

Backbone App 可免費下載,並可透過終身免費韌體更新、搖桿校正和按鈕重新對應來管理你的控制器。

Backbone+ 會員可解鎖額外的應用程式內功能。向授權零售商購買 Backbone One 即可享有隨附的 Backbone+ 免費試用。

在那之後,Backbone+ 會籍訂閱將以時價每年續訂,此價格依地區而異。隨時都能取消。


Does the Backbone One need to be charged?

No, the Backbone One does not have a battery. The Backbone One draws minimal amounts of power from the iPhone to function. Its power consumption is imperceptibly low.

That being said, games running on your phone can consume considerable amounts of power due to things like graphics, networking, and audio. Therefore, recognizing that battery life is critical to gaming on mobile devices, we’ve designed a pass-through Lightning port on the Backbone One to allow for charging your phone while playing.

Are the thumbsticks clickable?

Yes, the Backbone One has clickable L3/R3 thumb-sticks.

What games are supported?

The Backbone One offers high-quality gameplay for all your favorite games that support controllers. This includes the most popular titles like Call of Duty®: Mobile, Minecraft, Genshin Impact, and most Apple Arcade games.

In addition, the Backbone One is also compatible with remote play apps offered by Xbox, Playstation, and Steam allowing games on your console and PC to be played remotely from your phone.

Popular cloud streaming services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna are all also supported by the Backbone One.

For a list of current compatible games, please check here. Note that this page is being constantly updated so it may not be 100% comprehensive.

Am I eligible for the bundled offers?

So long as you have not previously subscribed or are currently subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Backbone+ membership, you are eligible to redeem the offer within the Backbone app.

Is there a warranty?

Your Backbone One can be returned for free within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. We guarantee the Backbone One against defect and damage from reasonable usage for a full year after purchase and will provide a replacement or a refund.

Can the Backbone One work with Bluetooth?

Yes, you can use your Apple device’s Bluetooth capability while it’s snapped into Backbone One. In fact, playing on Backbone One while using AirPods makes for a highly enjoyable and portable gaming experience.

The Backbone One itself must be connected via lightning connector or port to be used as a controller.

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