Does Backbone work with a case?

December 23, 2022  •  2 min read

We get a lot of questions about which phone cases pair best with the Backbone One controller for iPhone and Android. There's a range of cases that we've tested and recommend. We'll be keeping this post updated as new options emerge.

Removing your phone case before using your Backbone One allows you to take advantage of its secure, universal fit.  It also allows you to play way more comfortably and play for longer without draining your battery due to better thermal performance and significantly lower weight.

We understand that removing your phone case may be inconvenient, so here's what we recommend.

Best Cases for iPhone 13 & 14 Series:

Quick-remove cases: Backbone One pairs best with silicone cases that can be easily taken off and put on again in less than 2 seconds.  Our top recommendation is Apple's silicone case lineup for iPhone 13 and 14. Unsurprisingly, Apple-engineered cases offer incredible protection, a wide range of colors, and can be adjusted in literal seconds.

Additionally, players have recommended silicone cases from brands like Amytor, Ornarto, and Otofly that offer excellent protection and quick removal. These cost under $10 and have Prime next-day shipping options.

Best Cases for iPhone 12 or earlier:

Quick-remove cases: Our top recommendation for older iPhone models are the Apple silicone cases (for example. for iPhone 12 and iPhone 11). Older models can be found on Amazon.

No-remove cases: There are cases from brands like Pitaka, Totalee, Latercase, and Peel that allow you to keep them on your phone while using your Backbone One.

Best Cases for Android:

We're excited to get feedback from our Community to find Quick-remove and No-remove cases that will fit on Android Devices and work with Backbone One for Android. Please submit your recommendations HERE.