Hot Wheels® Rift Rally: Race Better with Backbone

August 22, 2023  •  2 min read

Experience Racing Redefined

Ever dreamed of seeing your Hot Wheels® come alive? Rift Rally turns this dream into a thrilling reality! Your living room, kitchen, or any space can now be a part of your racetrack. The revolutionary title promises a captivating ride, especially when paired with a Backbone One controller.

Race in Mixed Reality

Enter a new realm of racing with Hot Wheels® Rift Rally. Connect your device to the Chameleon smart RC car and dive into a racing world where the digital melds seamlessly with the real – no VR headset required. By setting up Rift Gates, you design the racetrack: whether you fancy sharp turns, long drifts, or death-defying stunts, Hot Wheels® Rift Rally ensures an adrenaline-packed experience tailored to your desires.


Multiplayer Mayhem: Why race alone when you can have company? Engage in hot-potato-style co-op to take on challenges together, or challenge a friend's Chameleon in high-octane competitive races.

Show Off Your Stunt Skills: Dive into the free-driving Stunt Mode, where you can showcase your knack for spectacular drifts, wheelies, burnouts, and more at your own pace. As you set new records, unlock fresh Hot Wheels® to expand your collection.

Adventure Awaits: A vast Campaign map laden with races, challenges, and showdowns against gargantuan monsters promises hours of engaging gameplay.

Customize Your Chameleon: Unlock over 25 classic Hot Wheels® vehicles and Rift Rally originals with dozens of variant styles. Customize your stats and appearance with Overclock Tokens, ensuring that your car not only races well, but looks dazzling too!

Start your Hot Wheels® Rift Rally adventure today at

Elevate Your Play with Backbone

Backbone is the key to unlocking the full potential of Hot Wheels® Rift Rally. The low-latency connection ensures a responsive and immersive experience that's a level above anything else. Navigate tricky courses, dodge obstacles, and evade traps with unparalleled precision, courtesy of the Backbone's direct connection to your device.

Playing on Backbone allows an unobstructed view of your screen, so you never miss a second of the action. You can witness the Chameleon smart RC car respond in real time to your controls, adding a layer of realism that further blurs the line between the real world and the game world.

Couple this with the crystal-clear audio provided by Backbone's pass-through headphone feature and its seamless Bluetooth compatibility, ensuring an immersive journey. Jam to Rift Rally’s catchy radio tunes as you navigate your way to victory.

Save and share your best racing moments on Backbone with easy one-button screenshots and clip recordings. You can edit and share your highlights directly from the Backbone App to show off your skills to racers everywhere.

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