Backbone One Is Compatible with the iPhone 15 and USB-C

September 12, 2023  •  2 min read

Backbone One is the best way to play on the iPhone 15 lineup with USB-C ✨

The new iPhone 15 lineup was finally revealed today at the Apple Keynote event. One of the biggest changes is that all models will now feature a USB-C connector. If you’re upgrading to an iPhone 15, there are Backbone products available for you now.

Backbone Updates for iPhone 15 Support

For new customers, all Backbone USB-C products now feature universal compatibility with all USB-C phones, including both Android and iPhone 15 devices.

For existing customers, your Backbone USB-C product will automatically receive an update via the Backbone app that enables patent-pending universal compatibility. To update, connect your Backbone controller and launch the Backbone App on Android. It should take about 30 seconds.

To check if it is updated, go to Backbone App > Menu > Settings > Controller Tab > Controller > Firmware. Firmware 1.2.2 or newer is required for universal compatibility.

What if my USB-C Backbone doesn’t connect to my iPhone 15?

You might have gotten one of a small number of devices with older firmware that might have been at a third-party retailer–don’t worry, we’ve got two ways to get this fixed ASAP.

If you connect it to any Android phone and launch the Backbone App, it should take about 30 seconds to update and fix. 👍

Because of Apple’s new technology, the controller won’t recognize the iPhone 15 before the firmware is updated. If you don’t have access to an Android phone to complete the update, simply reach out to our support today and we’ll send you a free replacement immediately. 🤝

Do I need an Adapter for iPhone 15?

No, no adapter is needed.

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