Backbone & Beam Partner to Support Nonprofits

August 9, 2023  •  4 min read

Gaming for Good: Backbone’s Partnership with Beam

We believe in the transformative power of gaming. It’s not just about leaderboards and trophies but also about the genuine connections and communities built along the way. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Beam and spotlight the incredible nonprofits you can support with a purchase from Backbone*.

Meet Our Charitable Allies:
Gamers Outreach: Gaming has the power to bring joy, especially when it’s most needed. Through Gamers for Giving, a project by Gamers Outreach, we’re supporting their program that employs video games to bring comfort and entertainment to hospitalized families.

Games for Change: Harnessing the immersive nature of games, Games for Change is on a mission to drive positive societal transformation. By collaborating with diverse institutions and developers, they curate engaging game arcades and design curricula, demonstrating the power of gaming beyond mere recreation.

Ablegamers Foundation: Everyone deserves to game. In collaboration with the Ablegamers Foundation, we’re addressing the challenges faced by gamers with disabilities. Through our partnership, we’re working towards shattering boundaries, enhancing inclusivity and ensuring every gamer feels seen and heard.

Surfrider Foundation: Oceans are the lungs of our planet, and with the Surfrider Foundation, we’re taking strides to protect them. Their tireless efforts to reduce plastic pollution, secure fair beach access and promote coastal preservation align perfectly with our vision of a cleaner, more sustainable future.

And More! Visit our community impact page to learn more about all our supported nonprofit organizations.

New at Backbone

Backbone Compatible Phone Cases from Peel

Keeping your phone safe while gaming on the go is now easier than ever. We’ve partnered with Peel to offer compatible phone cases that seamlessly integrate with your Backbone One, ensuring protection without compromising your gaming experience.

You can learn more about the Backbone compatible cases here. Choose between Black, White, Midnight Green, Navy and Clear colorways. We’re constantly testing new devices to expand our compatibility list. Shop for iPhone. Shop for Android.

Best Games to Play on Backbone


Enter the boundless realm of Minecraft, where creativity takes the forefront. It’s more than just a game; it’s an expansive sandbox teeming with endless possibilities. Craft, build, and explore to your heart’s content in Creative mode, or face the unpredictable challenges of Survival mode. Whether adventuring solo or teaming up with friends in its expansive cross-platform play, you’re the master of your universe. Experience Minecraft on Backbone today via the App Store, Play Store or PlayStation Remote Play.
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Omega Strikers

Step into the arena of Omega Strikers - where the pace is lightning-fast and the action never stops. This isn’t your typical game; it’s a 3v3 footbrawler, where you can sling slimes, rocket boost and toss tofu to ensure victory. Squad up with your friends, harness the power of distinctive Strikers and outplay your rivals to earn the coveted title of an Omega Striker. Play on Backbone today through the App Store, Play Store, Steam Link or PlayStation Remote Play.
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Embark on a captivating journey in Terraria, a world filled with wonder, challenge and achievement. This isn’t just another sandbox; it’s Terraria, meticulously rebuilt for an unmatched mobile experience. Face formidable foes, craft intricate structures or explore its vibrant biomes - the power is in your hands. With vastness similar to its PC counterpart and enhanced controls tailored for mobile, your adventure knows no bounds. Dive into intense combat, architectural masterpieces or exploration extravaganzas with up to 7 friends. Play Terraria on Backbone today via the App Store, Play Store, and other compatible platforms.
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*Offer valid for online purchases made through Sales tax, shipping & handling are not included in order total. Purchases of the Adapter are not eligible for contributions via Beam. This offer is not valid for previous purchases. Please note the Beam contributions are only available in select regions. We’re working to expand this program to other regions.