iPhone 13と14シリーズのBackbone Oneアダプタ

iPhone 13 ProとPro Max、および14シリーズに対応
JPY 750消費税込み
ソフトタッチの合成ゴムで緻密に設計・製造されたこのアダプタは、Backbone Oneコントローラーとスムーズに連携し、iPhone 14シリーズ、iPhone 13 Pro、iPhone 13 Pro Maxを使用しているユーザーに完璧な体験を提供します。


  1. ブリッジを伸ばす
  2. アダプターを中央からスライドさせる
  3. アダプターを左グリップにぴったりとはまるまで押し込む
  4. カチッと装着してゲーム開始



Backbone One iPhone Adapter packaging


Which iPhone models use the adapter?

The adapter was designed for use with the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max models to account for the the large cameras of these phones. The adapter is not necessary for other iPhone models.

How much does the adapter cost?

Every Backbone One includes an adapter in the box, free-of-charge. If you did not receive an adapter you can request your free adapter from within the Backbone iOS App. For additional or replacement adapters, we charge a small fee to cover the cost of shipping.

Does the Backbone One controller come with an adapter?

Each Backbone One includes an adapter in the box, free-of-charge and adhered to the top of the inside lid. If, for some reason, there was no adapter included, please download the Backbone iOS App to request your free adapter.